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THOGS (short form for "The Hunters Of Golden Sirbul") is a fantasy roleplaying game. THOGS is currently available only in Finnish, but someday may also be published in English.

THOGS is an entirely self-published product. It has reached Version 3.1 (August 2000). The first few drafts were written back in 1989 and the first published Version 1 was released in 1995. All in all, THOGS has sold around 500 units (if all the versions and extra books are counted as one) during these six years. It is currently one of most sold Finnish roleplaying games. 500 units may not sound like a lot, but it should be taken into account that Finland only has 5 million inhabitants plus that roleplaying is a very marginal hobby here.

The world of THOGS is very different from the "traditional Tolkien-based worlds", mainly because of the races that live on the planet. No elves, dwarfs nor even humans. Instead, there are many odd races to choose from, like the hyper-intelligent Xiga, who float in the air and have not one but two heads! The world features over 100 intelligent races (25 of which are suitable for character races), a highly functioning combat system and an innovative magic system.

The world is dominated by six big countries (Sirbet, Devat, Likorens, Mosur, Gyrtun and Elos). Sirbet is the most important player in the international field, due to its location amidst all the others as a big island. Traditionally, Sirbet has close ties with Gyrtun as the other four powers tend to operate occasionally as a unified front. In the past these two factions fought in a devastating worldwide conflict called the war of alliances.

THOGS is aimed at all roleplayers, though admittedly it is not necessarily the best choice for total beginner groups. But, for example, it is excellent choice for people who want to play fantasy roleplaying games, but are totally bored of the traditional field of fantasy.

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